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Wedding Planning

This service includes preparing the Wedding Day Schedule— Our bespoke Wedding Day Schedule is quite detailed and precise.

Additionally this service allows clients who do not have a wedding budget to go through our wedding checklist and work out their rough wedding budgets. Clients can also use the checklist to work out what wedding services or products that they want.

For those who are interested in using a wedding designer, we will arrange one for the clients under our Sourcing service.

Sourcing Services

Our wedding planning team who are fluent in both Cantonese and English (fluent in written simplified Chinese) assists clients to find, negotiate and purchase the weddings services and products.

The client will review the contracts before approving them. As our staff has worked in the wedding industry for years, we are able to utilize our knowledge, expertise and network in finding providers quickly for our clients.

Examples of our sourcing services include sourcing for makeup and hairstyling, photography, videography, wedding venue, catering, transport, emcee and wedding celebrant/officiant.

We can source services in Hong Kong or overseas.

Wedding Day Management

This service includes managing the wedding vendors; decorating the Reception Table; providing feather pen and certificate for use during signing; placing wedding place cards and wedding favors on the Dining Tables; and executing the Wedding Day Schedule in a timely manner. This service also includes contract management of the providers and resolving any logistic problems.

The aim of this service is to unburden the bride and groom on their wedding day allowing them more time to speak to their family and enjoy their wedding day. This service also reminds the couple when to make payment and how much is required to be paid to providers.

Witness Service

This service will provide 1-2 local witness(es) who will attend the wedding ceremony, countersign the marriage certificates and help the couple in taking photos or videos of their wedding ceremony.

The witnesses may also provide 30 minutes interpretation service helping the couple communicating with the registry officer or other providers during their wedding ceremony.

This service is particularly useful for couple living outside of Hong Kong.

Wedding Registry Service

This service includes us submitting notarised notice of intended marriage and required documents to the marriage registry; additionally, we act as the local contact for the couple liaising with the marriage registry.

We will also bring the couple to the marriage registry interview and then the wedding venue afterwards. At the marriage registry, the couple will be asked to sign their notice of intended of marriage in front of the registrar officer and one of the marrying party will need to make a declaration.

On the wedding day, the registrar officer will officiate the wedding at the marriage registry (e.g. City Hall or Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry), sign and provide the certificate of marriage to the couple at the end of the wedding. If the couple also takes our witness service, we will lend feather pen(s) and ring box for use during the wedding ceremony.

Renewal of Vows

This service is intended for couples interested in renewing their wedding vows on their wedding anniversary. Some couples choose this service when they need to have a local legal signing ceremony and then have a wedding ceremony overseas or vice versa.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is not a legal service and a legal marriage certificate will not be provided under this service. If a legal marriage certificate is required, you will need registry service or to ask us to source a celebrant of marriages for you. We will work with any officiant chosen by the couple to finalize the wedding vows and the wedding script.

Normally, we will provide a ceremonial certificate and a declaration of love to mark the occasion. A feather pen and ring box will also be provided for use during the ceremony. For those interested in overseas wedding service, this service is also available in Phuket and the UK.

Pre-Wedding Service

There are two types of Pre-Wedding Service.

The first type of pre-wedding service includes us arranging an overseas pre-wedding trip and local photographers to shoot pre-wedding photos.

Alternatively, for weddings to be celebrated overseas, the overseas marriage registry may ask the couple to provide the Certificate of Absence of Marriage Record or Letter of Marriage Record. We will assist the couple getting these documents.

Post Wedding Service

After weddings, some foreign couples getting married in Hong Kong may need to legalise their marriage certificate at their consulate in Hong Kong.

If their native language is not in Chinese or English, we will also arrange a translator to translate the documents from Chinese / English into their native language. As a result, this may take up weeks or month to process.

Either the couple or the translator will be the applicant for the legalization process at their consulate. We will be authorized to collect the legalized document from their consulate and then arrange courier service to send the document back to the couple.

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In addition, Data is collected and may be used for seven main purposes: (1) provide services to you or by third parties that you engage and you ask us to manage on your behalf; (2) maintain records, accounts and invoice you for your use of our Service; (3) represent you liaising with the Marriage Registry and any governmental organizations including any consulates; (4) carry out any additional services that you require; (5) carry out our marketing activities; (6) conduct due diligence, comply with anti-money laundering laws and regulations, Law Society rules, regulations and practice directions and (7) for any other legitimate purposes as may be required, authorized or permitted by law.

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